Side Antique City

Side, situated halfway between Antalya and Alanya.

For lovers of ancient history, Side has a great appeal. It retains many relics from the days when the city flourished as a centre of trade. The most impressive monuments include the theatre from the Roman periodthe ruins of three temples: of Apollo, Athena and Men, situated in a picturesque area close to the sea coast, near the harbour, and the Roman baths building near the agora which now operates as Archaeological Museum of Side. This small establishment hides a fascinating collection of ancient statues and sarcophagi.

There are other historic buildings, situated on a vast area of Side peninsula. Most noteworthy of them is the commercial agora, where, in 2013, the temple of the goddess Tyche was restored, and two colonadded streets with the remains of houses and shops.

In addition, in Side there is a ruined Byzantine hospital, a magnificent nymphaeum, which was supplied with water from the Taurus Mountains by a system of aqueducts, and monumental gate with the adjoining fountain, known as Vespasian Monument.

Those of you that choose to spend some more time wandering around Side will also find the ruins of the library from the 2nd century AD, the basilica from the Byzantine period, two more baths buildings (harbour and major), the Temple of Dionysus (at the theatre) and a necropolis. We recommend a whole day spend on exploring these souvenirs of ancient times.

We really recommend taking a trip here, as it is incredibly cozy! Bring foot-friendly shoes and
swimwear if you get to swim.
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